Whether you are starting out a business or still planning to do so, take time and ask yourself: is being your own boss more beneficial than a hassle for you? Now that you’ve got this million-dollar idea to be an independent entrepreneur, are you ready and willing to take on the risks? Before you venture into being a boss yourself, or if you are already and are having second thoughts about it, then it’s not too late to weigh the pros and cons of being self-employed.

YOU are the boss

That’s a good enough reason to start your own business. But aside from that obvious benefit, when you are your own boss, the profits your company makes are all yours. You won’t have to work your ass off on some project and yet only make the same salary as everyone else in the office.

Other than that, you set your own rules. You set your own hours to some degree as well. Most importantly, your good ideas will not be put to waste since there will be no one to restrain you from revealing your creativity. There will be no management to ignore the proposals you’ve spent weeks to conceptualize. And when you are the boss, you just have this certain power over your accolades. The great thing about it is that you are not working for anyone – and there is just a satisfying feeling that comes with that.

Professionelles: Pros and cons of being the boss

Professionelles: Pros and cons of being the boss

Getting all the work

Although you don’t have to work on shifts, it still does not guarantee that you won’t be working longer hours at work. The bad thing about being your own boss is that you are always on call. As an employee, you could work for about 40 hours in a week, but if you’re self-employed, expect to work twice that number of hours. Moreover, you don’t get to be paid unless your business is actually earning. Be reminded that small businesses don’t start out good in the first year when it comes to profit.

You’re not only getting all the work, being the employer will most likely get you worked up as well. Statistics show that four out of five new businesses fail. Remind yourself that you could be one of those four, and prepare yourself for that. Moreover, when you’re the boss, you just feel like you are carrying the entire load. You would definitely be always the one to be anxious and worried about how your business will go all the time. If you can’t handle stress well, you should think twice about starting your own business instead of working for a company.

Starting your own business - TheSite.

Starting your own business – TheSite.

Can you handle it?

If you think you are going to enjoy being the employer than otherwise despite the cons, being self-employed might be the right road for you. Just remember that the road to success will be tough, but as long as you make the right decisions, and you reflect over these decisions carefully, it will all be worth it. 

Tired of going to the gym? Well, this may be a good decision and may cost you one time investments for the equipments, compared to paying expensive gym membership fee.

If you are comparing the advantage and disadvantage of having a gym in your home. You can manage your time, no time pressure, convenience and having to use your own equipment without sharing.

Few disadvantages are no fitness trainer or spotter, tend to lose your self-discipline, and need a larger space for your equipment. There would be a lot of things to consider when building a gym, the following are:

Spaceit is strongly recommended to build your home gym in your basement or in your garage. This can make your movements more freely and easily, as well as your equipment.

Flooringyou will need to have a stable and durable flooring. If you are into heavy lifting you may need a lifting platform. Some uses carpets or rubber mats.

Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home

Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home

Storageproper storage of your gym equipment, can make them last and well preserved.

This is just the first part of the things that needed to be considered when planning to have a home gym.

Now, we go to the best part getting the right equipment that will suit your workout needs:

BARBELL getting a quality barbell are more safe and durable. This is one of the major investment that you need to consider. A few names are given for your reference:

             Low Class: eBay, Craiglist.

             Middle Class: Iron Company, BS Olympic, Rogue Fitness.

             High Class: Werksan, Ivanko, EliteFTS, Eleiko.

PLATES this could come in special deals, they usually come in sets and some companies are offering reduced price while having a good quality. You can get different weights in a set. You could get a rubber coated or bumper plates.

For storage, consider on getting a weight tree for safety and organized plates and a clutter free gym.

CARDIO EQUIPMENTS this would be convenient when you can’t go for a walk or for running due to bad or cold weather.

BENCH since it is for personal use, you may need just one bench press. You can get the adjustable bench for more versatility and effectiveness. If you have a smaller space you can get the folding benches for easy storage.

Smart Ways to Pump Up Your Home Gym:

Smart Ways to Pump Up Your Home Gym:

STEREO SYSTEMS you may invest into a good music equipment, where you can play your favorite music to help you motivated while working out.

ADDITIONALS - dip belt, resistance bands, foam roller, shoes are just one of the few things that you may need for you a start.

This would be a helpful information that could guide you in building up your home gym. If in case you decided to stop working out or do an upgrade, you can sell the equipment and get your money back.

While online dating remains to be a popular place to meet single people, you aren’t guaranteed to find a match quickly. There are a lot of dating sites to choose from and some may require membership fees. Better choose your dating network wisely because chances are, you’re on the wrong site if you’re hardly getting any hit from single people.

Well now, say good bye to empty inboxes and say hi to a lot of single people as we look at 2013’s 5 new dating sites that are definitely worth checking out.

1. 2date4love.com

2date4love is ideal for people who value security. The site offers information privacy from non me-members. Not only that, the site is founded on sensitivity and respect for people who do not see sexual intercourse as something that has to be done in a relationship. Most members are love and happiness seekers who cannot have sex due to medical conditions or personal choice. This site is the answer for people who just want to loved and accepted. Membership fee applies.

2date4love.com - Submit an Entry: Online Dating Sites

2date4love.com – Submit an Entry: Online Dating Sites

2. Soul2match.com

Soul2match traces its origins back to a psychological research about attraction. The research showed that we are attracted to other people because of the resemblance we share with them.

The site uses a face-recognition technology to analyze faces and find similar ones or faces that closely resemble each other. It may sounds creepy, but if you believe that psychological theory about attraction – then you might love giving this site a try. It’s free and very easy to navigate.

3. Alphey.com

As their site states, Alphey.com is not a “hook up” or “looking for sex” site. This site is primarily made for the LGBT single people in search for relationships that are meaningful and significant. The site makes use of compatibility analytics designed for LGBT people. The analysis is done by matching shared values, compatible personalities, and common lifestyles. Privacy and AIDS status disclosure options are also carried out wonderfully by the dating site.

4. Blendr.com

With the success of Grindr in connecting the gay and bisexual male community, the developers just had to create a counterpart for the straight community. Blendr works just like Grindr. It’s a geosocial dating networking site and it even has iOS and Android app counterparts. The site makes use of location sensing on a social networking structure to provide the user a grid of users who are available within the closest physical proximity.

Where to Meet Singles in 2013

Where to Meet Singles in 2013

5. Social.Nerve.com

This site is hip and it’s very easy to use. The site promises all social ways to meeting people and doesn’t rely matching through questionnaires or algorithms. It makes use of a never ending stream of public updates or feeds, what pretty much Facebook has. You can go online and say “I love men over 40” and connect to people who’ve shared the same sentiments.

If the past years were all his and hellos, then maybe this year is different. Give these new exciting sites a visit and find the match of your dreams. Happy dating!

Teaching kids to save was quite easy in the past. As a parent, all you had to do was provide your kid with a piggy bank and some coins. Things are more advanced and modern now. To take advantage of these developments, teaching kids how to manage their money can now be done by using the web. There are several websites that are built to help parents imbibe the value of saving to their kids.

1. ING sponsored Planet Orange site

This is an ideal site for children to learn saving. On this site, your children will learn everything about money through their guides, Amy and Cedric. Your children will learn what is money, how to earn it, ways to grow it, and how to spend it wisely. Money talk is sometimes boring, but through this site, your kids will surely enjoy talking about money.

2. Virtual Piggy, your piggy bank substitute

Yes, gone are the days of using the piggy bank in saving money, but kids can still relive the days through Virtual Piggy. This site, however, does not allow you to save money directly, but it focuses more on saving online and budgeting. The site allows kids to experience how to shop online. What makes this site useful is that it can give firsthand experience to kids in saving money so they can buy what they want to buy. This will help train them to become good decision makers and responsible account owners.

Virtual Piggy Bank - Android Apps on Google Play

Virtual Piggy Bank – Android Apps on Google Play

3. Banking with Zefty Virtual Banking account

Teaching children how to save in a bank is important. Zefty Virtual Banking will allow children to experience how transactions are done on a real bank. It teaches your children responsibility in managing their accounts in a virtual world. Your children can make a deposit and write checks using this virtual account.

4. Work as parent-child partners in Tykoon

Interaction between parents and children is very important when teaching them how to manage money. The website Tykoon can provide this connection. Both parents and child will have a linked account to view the child’s progress in managing allowances. There are a lot of things a kid can do in this site. Your child can purchase, save and donate to organizations. This is a wonderful site for parents to discuss money management to their children.

Top 5 Free Money Management Sites for Children

Top 5 Free Money Management Sites for Children

5. Rich Kid Smart Kid games

Talking about finances is surely boring. Rich Kid Smart Kid has an answer for this boredom though. Through the use of graphical and animated characters, kids will learn money management by playing the games on the site. Kids will learn the importance of saving and being debt free. There is also a section for grown-ups where parents can learn different money management methods.

When teaching kids the basics about money management, you should realize that kids want to have fun. Whatever can entertain a child will always make an impact in their minds. Make saving more interesting and fun by visiting these sites and work hand-in-hand in teaching your children to become financially stable in the future.