Local SEOs vs International SEOs

In today’s digital age when the Internet is all around us, it is very important for a new business to set up its market locally and globally. To target a large audience base, SEOs play a major role.

The basic tools used by SEOs to capture local as well as a global market is essentially the same. The reach of your product simply depends on the type of keyword used by a given SEO campaign. It is a common practice to open those searches that feature as the top results of your search engines. Thus, the way in which a keyword is targeted or designed determines the reach of your brand.

Local SEO

When you start a local business the most unnerving task is to compete with the already established brands in your area with a huge global presence. These brands gain customer loyalty over the years and it is very important for a business to break free these chains for it to make its presence felt in that area.

For a business to gain popularity in such area you need to focus on those few customers first who often seek your services and take their help in getting their friends and families to visit your website. It has also been found that the maximum searches for a local region takes place via a smartphone and thus using targeted geo-based-keywords can do wonders for your business. Also, many search engines use IP address to address queries from a particular geographic region which can benefit your website. A SEO Company local to us in Halifax called Tyler Bailey seems fairly popular in the search engines. Just take a look at their Facebook Page.

International SEO

As the name suggests, international SEOs is not limited by geographical locations and covers various regions of the globe. It is well suited for the type of businesses that have no specific preferences. However, while dealing with international SEOs make sure that your keywords are competitive enough to deal with international districts and smaller regions there. You should be well averse with the likes, dislikes and tastes of the particular region you are trying to target. Alternatively, your website should include that region’s currency, shipping details and the correct time zone for the international customers to get back to you. Remember that every country has a particular district-country-level domain and owing to this you need to make sure that your content is domain as well as country specific.

Local and international SEOs, both serve equal advantages and so it is for you to decide whether you want to cater the needs of local or a much wider global audience. Read more at Moz Local.

There are a few other ways that use the power of SEOs to help your business network grow. These are:

  1. Replacing inactive links– many links become dead or inactive within a few months and mush be replaced by active links to keep your website functional round the clock. It can be checked using a dead link checker that enables you to activate the dead links.
  2. SEO audits– they are needed to check the amount of clicks on your website and see how much more search optimization is needed to get more customers to view your website. This can be done using a WooRank checker. You can even conduct a survey featuring questions such as “how did you get to know about our website”.
  3. Getting rid of irrelevancies– you need to get rid of low quality, bulky links of advertisements or other websites that in turn makes your website slow. Slow websites are a big turn off for the customers and may even put you off the market.
  4. Social branding– create social media pages of your business so that people can like and share your work with their friends and families.